U11 Select Questions & Answers

Where / How do I register?

Pre-register HERE, After tryouts are completed, players will then register with their assigned teams. 

How many games will we have:

The teams will play approximately 10 games starting in August and ending in late October/early November for the Fall season and 10 games in the Spring season from March to late April/early May. Half of the games will be at 5 Mile Dam and half of the games will be in the Austin area.

How many practices will we have:

We will practice approximately two times per week during the season(Aug-Oct and Feb-April). Players interested in additional training can come to other teams training sessions or optional Friday training sessions. We will have a summer training schedule that has been designed to accommodate most players that travel during the summer. These training sessions will help close the gap on any skills needed to be prepared to be successful in the select season.

Are practices mandatory:

This is a select program and so it is a commitment to be at 2 practices a week during the season. We understand that some players do other sports as well, have school work and sometimes get ill. With that in mind, there is always an opportunity to make up a practice session with another San Marcos Surge team.

Will we have a trainer:

All Select teams will have a trainer. The trainer will be determined by the Director of Coaching. All trainers will be certified and licensed. 

*We are always looking for parent volunteers interested in becoming a team manager/assistant coach. 

What is the cost of the season:

SMAYSO has made every effort to minimize the cost of the select program and it is our mission to be one of the lowest costs programs in the State. We can ensure that each year we are working to reduce the costs and obtain sponsorship from businesses and individuals to subsidize this program. 

How can we get involved with fundraising/sponsorship:

We are open to any fundraisers that the team would like to participate in. Please contact your team manager.

What is the uniform like and can my child pick their own number:

The San Marcos Surge colors are maroon, white and silver. We are outfitted with 2 Nike jersey kits. One is maroon and one is white. We always where maroon shorts and vary the socks and jersey top depending on if we are home or away.

Uniform numbers can be requested but will be assigned by the manager/coach if there are conflicts. 

Can I volunteer:

Yes, we welcome volunteers. Please contact the team manager for any information on volunteering.What division will we play in: