SMAYSO is seeking two registrar positions.  One for U10 and below and one for U11 and above (rec and select).

General duties include:

-maintain records of all registered players, coaches, assistant coaches and teams
-ensure all adult participants are properly background checked.
-form teams and assign players with the assistance of the DOC and age group commissioner when appropriate.
-ensure teams are notified of SMAYSO, WDDOA, CAYSA, and STYSA team and player deadlines for registration and team declarations
-coordinating and monitoring the SMAYSO phone message system
-assist parents with questions regarding registration
-attend all required registrar meetings within WDDOA, CAYSA, and STYSA.
-responsible for notifying all members of season information
-must be computer literate and able to learn and navigate the GOTSoccer registration system(training will be provided)
-properly use the SMAYSO chain of command to resolve parent/player issues.

These are the core responsibilities of the registrar.  The periods from June 1 to September 15 and February 1 to March 15 are incredibly busy and require daily actions regarding registration. 

The registrar position is a billable hour paid position at $10/hour.

Most of our registrar turnover is due to the amount of time required during the registration period.  This is why we have now implemented a dual registrar system to reduce the individual workload. 

If interested in applying for the position, please submit a short resume and personal statement to